About us

WePadel – Customised Padel Camps in Mallorca, Spain

Flexible Accommodation, Coaching, Experiences & Courts

So I love Padel and I can safely say that Padel saved my life. It got me through the darkest of days. It energised me. It put a smile on my face. I met new people. I got to stand in the sun. I drank more water. I worked out. It made me happy. If you’re reading this, you are maybe looking for something similar. Or you need to get away. Or you’re training for a tournament and need some pointers. Whatever the reason, we want to passionately bring you a unique and beautifully tailored padel experience. 

WePadel Mallorca offers you Exclusive deals for any budget. Add hotel accommodation, food bundles, boat charters and of course Padel lessons and matches organised and led by professional players in the sunshine. Group classes or individual lessons, the choice is yours. 

Combine Padel with a healthy daily nutrition package and yoga, or hit the town and clubs at night ..(but please get up early!)

Myself, Matt and the WePadel Mallorca team have courts, teachers and sunshine waiting for you. 

Anyway… have to run. About to play Padel.

Lloyd, Co-Founder, WePadel Mallorca